Sunday, October 16, 2011

USAWA - United States All-Around Weightlifting Association

Over the years I have had the pleasure of competing in many different strength sports in many different organizations. Some of my most unique exeriences were competing in the USAWA. The USAWA is old school and cool! If you need a break from the standard lifts and want to challenge yourself with lifts made famous by strength legends, check out the USAWA. They have tons of different sanctioned lifts, you could spend a year learning them all.

Here is an overview of the USAWA as stated on their website.

"The USAWA was formed to continue the long standing tradition of old-time weightlifters like Eugen Sandow, Louis Cyr, Arthur Saxon, Hermann Goerner, Warren Lincoln Travis, and many others. We strive to preserve the history of the original forms of weightlifting, which in the past has been referred to as “odd lifting”. Many of the lifts we perform are based on stage acts or challenge lifts of old-time strongmen."

"The USAWA was organized in 1987 and was a charter member of the International All-Round Weightlifting Association. The USAWA has over 150 recognized lifts and 8000 plus records, so any strength athlete can find their niche. We have a drug testing program to encourage drug free lifting. Numerous local meets and a National competition are held each year to find true “all-round” weightlifters"

I have broken a couple different USAWA records, in a couple different weigth classes over the years. Before I brag in detail, I need to order an updated record book, to see which ones still stand.

On top of the legendary lifts, the USAWA is filled with great people. I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people, who have shared with me a ton of knowlege on training. I have been out to Kevin Fulton's barn/training center in Litchfield Nebraska, and trained with his Braveheart Barbell Club. Kevin is a former Olympic Training Center Coach and has been nice enough to share his knowledge with me over the years. I also had a chance to compete in a couple contest down at Clarks Gym in Columbia Missouri, this is a gym built for legendary lifts. Bill Clark is a USAWA Hall Famer and the sports best ambassidor. His gym is one of my favorite in the country! My Bulldog Strength Sports has hosted a few different small USAWA events in the past at my old home gym, when I lived in the country and we had some fun! I think it's getting about time to get the gang back together for a little USAWA action in my new Bulldog's Gym here in Papillion!


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